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Covid-19 Kills the Following Local Haunts (for 2020)

Cue the cliché jokes about real terror and pandemic fears. Thankfully, thus far nobody close to Scarycuse has fallen victim to the current plague, and hopefully it will stay that way. We hope the same for you and yours.

That being said, when all of this began to unfold in early March 2020, we never imagined it would still be around for Fall time. :-(

Wrong. Running a business so reliant on one season is tough already, add social-distancing and government restrictions, and it's a crushing combination. The following local Halloween/Fall-time attractions have shuttered their doors, at least for the 2020 season. We wish them the best, and we look forward to these attractions hopefully coming back strong in 2021!

Listed Alphabetically

  • Mulrooney's Dead End Haunted Hayride, Central Square, NY CLOSED FOR 2020

  • The Haunted Horest, Williamstown, NY CLOSED FOR 2020

  • Thirteenth Hour Rising Haunted Hayride, Fulton, NY CLOSED FOR 2020

This list will be updated as new attractions are added. If your attraction is closed for 2020, please contact us and let us know.


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