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Comment & Review Guidelines

Please read and follow these basic guidelines for posting any kind of comment or review

1. Use the star system! 


2. In a review, include useful details like bang for buck, parking etc.

3. Be fair. Don't go out of your way to slam people's efforts. If you feel the price was unfair, or that an event was a rip-off, it's okay to say so... But please refrain from personal attacks, ie; "This place is run by idiots".

Follow the golden rule, and be respectful. Any comment or review using non-constructive insults or profanity may be removed at any time. Regarding replies, when someone takes the time to write a review, they shouldn't be berated with commentary about why they are wrong. Everyone has an opinion. If you disagree with someones review, write your own. 

Keep in mind: A current review is the most accurate review. We encourage visitors to give events a clean slate every year! Many event organizers pay attention to the reviews on, and make efforts to address issues expressed by customers.

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, Your input is appreciated!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions for concerns.



Any event or attraction management OR staff caught spamming comments/reviews with phony reviews will be BANNED from listings for the current season, no exceptions. Additionally, multiple posts from the same IP address will be removed. We will not tolerate abuse of the review system, or issue any warnings. In the interest of keeping reviews reliable, this is a one strike policy. 

Reviews on are submitted by Forum users based upon their own subjective views and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in reviews submitted by users, or for any damage or liability arising from the content of any review or statements appearing on the Forums or website. 
If you'd like to report abuse, or request a comment/review be reviewed for possible removal due to non-compliance with our basic guidelines or Terms of Use, please contact us. Thank you.


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