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Advertisers keep up and running! Thank you.

By being one, you'll reach more Central New Yorkers looking for Fall-time fun, than any other advertising medium! We get well over 100,000 visits per season, from local people LOOKING for something to do. 

"We polled visitors, and the vast majority of our customers heard about us directly from! It was by far the best return of any advertising we've done" 

-Rick Kulak

Frightmare Farms

Sponsor Pack Advertiser​

Traffic Stats and Surveys

When it comes to Central New Yorkers deciding where to spend their fall-fun dollars, Scarycuse beats other media hands down. Scarycuse is THE place Central New Yorkers go for Harvest & Halloween season happenings.


Want the power of word of mouth?

That MEANS social-media. Our online ticket-giveaway contests spread the word to potential customers in the best way possible- from their own friends and family! Click the image to the right for an actual Facebook Insights screen-shot showing how many people a successful campaign can reach in just a few hours.

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*Important Advertising Notes: 


  • *Prices listed are for 11 months, which we consider September 1 (or whenever you begin your advertising) until approximately the first week of August the following year. All ad campaigns end the first week of August the following year, regardless of state date. All advertisers can also include up to 3 images, or 2 images and 1 video within their event listing. We recommend you take advantage of this!

  • With all advertising packages we recommend a minimum of 6-8 giveaway tickets. These will be used at our discretion for online contests or Scarycuse staff. 

  • All banner ads other than those directly within  your event listing are rotating banners that show randomly along with any other advertisers with simultaneous campaigns for increments of approx. 15 seconds each. 


  • Sponsor Pack campaigns are not limited to one per customer, so purchasing multiple campaigns greatly increases hits, for an event or business interested in maximum exposure. 


  • Banner Ad Artwork: Please email your banner directly to and we'll get it up and running asap (usually within 24 hours). If you need for us to create a banner for your campaign, we'll create an animated .gif bannere with up to 4 frames of animation for free with your paid advertising. Please allow 3-4 business days for your campaign to begin. If you're having us design a banner for you,  please email any images and info you want included in the banner design. 

We want you to be successful! If there's anything we can do, of if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks for using Scarycuse!

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