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Haunterview: Terror Field, Clyde, NY


By Octoberic

At just about 45-50 minutes from Syracuse, Terror Field in Clyde, NY isn't too far to get some frights from an attraction that has paid it's dues for several years. Octoberic compiled some questions to get to the bottom of whats causing all those screams, in Clyde, NY...

1. You've spent a few years doing Hillbilly Hell. What makes Stabbin Cabin different?

Stabbin Cabin focuses more on fears, controversy, and even more intensity than hillbilly help. We have added more detail, more effects, more blood, more nasty smells… haha We use sensory to enhance your experience.

2. You have some of the best effects around. How do these ideas come to life? Who creates it? Who or what inspires it?

The effects we use come from our own twisted minds most of the time. We do use movie influence on some of the general concepts but use no movie characters. We aren’t like most places because we have original characters and themed rooms based on those characters. We like to push it sometimes, and we do have a couple controversial areas but can’t please everyone! What everyone has to remember is essentially we are putting on a mini movie or play and it’s not real. Yeah, it may be offensive but no different than what you may see on tv. If we offended you or made you think what the f*ck??? We did our job then! Most of the creating or build is done by the owners but we do allow the actor to put his or her own twist on certain areas. Without the actors where would a haunt be and they really make our rooms and effects come to life and give you that full experience.

3. Terror Field is a Fingerlakes favorite with customers from all over. Who comes to mind when you think of memorable customers?

Well we have been doing this quite a while. I’ve seen 6 foot 3 guys cower and cry and I’ve gotten punched in the face, even our actors get hit. I’ve seen people run through walls and doors, I had a girl last night jump over a couch in my room. I’d say my favorite from the last few years at our new location is the woman last year who peed her pants. Not only did she just pee but it was a lake Ontario pee, like a huge cleanup. It wasn’t in my room it was before me and when she got to my room not only could I see it but smell it and I had the hardest time not laughing while doing my skit. To top it off she got outside and it was part of her bachelorette party and they were supposed to go to the strip club after, haha. The looks and reactions and even what people say is so priceless!

4. What obstacles have you faced in moving to a new location? How has it been a success?

In moving locations first huge obstacle was finding a building that we could afford. At the time and even now everything is paid for out of pocket and love for the game. So after finding a building that was sort of large enough, had good parking, was commercial, and close to a main road .. We ended up just off the bridge in Clyde. Then came the task of moving and setting up and electrical, fire alarms, codes, making it safe for everyone. Then came all the fun stuff design building, re building, making sure the flow is good to give the patron the best experience for the buck so to speak. We are always re working flow and re designing for the best experience. So far it has been a positive experience moving but it’s almost like starting all over again. People associate a name with a location and when that location isn’t there anymore they forget your name, haha. We had a person come through Friday night that thought we had disappeared since we weren’t in Lyons anymore. She enjoyed our new show more. This isn’t the only time we moved but was our biggest move. The name terror field originated from an outdoor experience but we all know weather in CNY sucks so don’t let the name fool you we are an all indoor haunt now! Although the outside is awesome this allows for so much ease in building and lights and allowing guests to experience everything no matter the weather. And it’s much more personable when you can’t run very far away, haha!

5. Who is Terror Field?

That is a good question, but a better one is what is Terror Field? We are a family of haunt enthusiasts that are out to give you the best act the best scare the best experience we can because we love it. I say family because most of our actors have been with us for years and the new ones are just like family as well. We have watched actors grow up...for us owners actors watch us grow old but together we make it all possible for you period. We don’t get anything out of this except for making you guys happy....just ask anyone money spent, hours and hours we spend... The blood and broken bones we all endure is all for you, and yes broken bones happen! I would change anything for the world, Terror Field is a memory and experience that I'll hold forever!

6. Escape rooms... How hard are they, really?

Ahhh the escape room question. In all honesty after doing a few of them myself, I find most people overthink them. Answers will come easily and quickly if you don’t overthink and keep it simple. Also you need to have a good team and be able to communicate and work together to solve the puzzle. People tend to think you need to be a genius and over think all of it then they say it’s stupid because they can’t solve it. If you go in there with that mind set you will never get it. Go in with the mindset of the simplest and first thing that pops in your mind no matter how stupid can be right!

7. Finish this sentence: Terror Field will scare the Hell out of you because we....

Terror Field will scare the Hell out of you because that’s our goal! You can act all big and bad and tough and you may never admit it but we will find that person and scare them too!

8. What advice would you give to someone who wishes to start a haunted house or to a small haunt that wishes to grow? Advise for someone starting off or trying to grow...I mean, we are looking to get bigger and grow still so....starting off have lots of money and time If you don’t have the money just the time works. Use your imagination and think outside the box. Movie monsters may not always be scary sometimes you may need to take chances on what you do. Make it safe and follow the rules because people in your haunt are your number 1 priority. You may not please everyone so don’t get discouraged you take that and run with it and make it better. Put your love into what you do and make sure it’s always fun. When you stop having fun it becomes a job and not a passion and you lose sense of what your goal is and that’s to entertain.

9. Thinking of your past themes vs this season, what theme or scene from a previous season stands out?

Past themes...we did a zombie-esque theme when it was really huge and it was really fun with lots of great makeup and gore The problem is zombies are slow hillbillies and some may be slow other ways but we can run after you no problem haha. Stabbin Cabin is fun because we incorporate a lot of things into one. Violence, humor, perversion of sorts. So to recap, I guess every year that we open and do this is my favorite year

10. What does the future hold for Terror Field? Ahhh, what does the future hold???

Well we are trying to get bigger and give the audience more experiences. So with that being said you never know!!! All that I know is we hope to be around for a while and hope to see you all at some point! So come support us on our passion and help us become that bigger better haunt that you want, who knows maybe we can someday add something bigger to the experience!

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