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Quick Review: Terror Field, Clyde NY


By Octoberic

This past Saturday, yours truly with his better half took a true Haunt the Fingerlakes look at Terror Field and their presentation of Stabbin' Cabin.

Let's take a gander into this gem of a haunt located at 7 Columbia Street in Clyde, NY, just about 53 minutes or so from Syracuse, or 35 from Auburn.

First things first... if you're looking for wholesome family Halloween entertainment, this ain't it. This place will give it to you as if you were on the strip paying for it. Yeah, it's that kinda thing.Listen to the warnings because they aren't kidding. Another attraction that's in your face, on your face, and straight up your.... umm...Y e a h. It's good.


Stabbin' Cabin is interactive. It's creepy. It can make Texas Chainsaw look like Pee Wee's playhouse, even if RZ did do the set work.

Another top notch haunt that few can compete themselves to. Well worth the money and literally some bang for your buck... or a buck to bang, if you see what we seen.... found it! Venture down 5&20 to Clyde. Bring fresh pants. Two pairs. Maybe an adult diaper.

They definitely held to every word in the previously posted interview. Check out the comments on and share your thoughts there and on

See all the details about this attraction, at Terror Fields Scarycuse listing HERE.

Happy Haunting!


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