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2017 Ticket Contests are in Full Swing!

Aweee yeah! It's that time again. Some of our spooky friends at haunts around town have generously shared some tickets to giveaway to our faithful Halloweenies!

How does it work? Welp, 1st, be sure to follow us on Facebook (click here), and also instagram!

Our contests offer any number of ways to win, but for the most part, simply interracting will get you in the running!

One of the most important goals for Scarycuse, is to help spread the word about the awesome Haunted Attractions in the area. We LOVE it when you Like, Comment on, and Share our posts.

How can we THANK these great Haunted Attractions attractions for their generosity? SHARE the posts! Here's a peek at the level of reach any given ticket giveaway contest can get in less than 24 hours when you SHARE the post:

Not too shabby, huh?! When your friends see you Like, Comment or Share something, it spreads the word. In 2017, this is word of mouth, not bumping into people in the produce section! Show your love by continuing to interract with Scarycuse, which in-turn spreads the word, and we'll keep on keepin' on with more and more contests!

Thanks again, and Happy Haunting!


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