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Something wicked is growing at Demon Acres...


Spring is the time when Haunters creeeek open their caskets, climb out, and start designing and building their scares for the upcoming Halloween season.

We recently came across this sneak-peek at whats happening at Demon Acres in Hannibal, NY:

From FB:

"Saturday we broke ground with something new for 2017 make sure keep watching post for more info and photos for what's coming this season. Staff here is very excited and in full swing of making new sets props and another attraction for this season."

We have no idea what they're working on, but we look forward to finding out! It marks another consecutive year of growth for the popular CNY Haunt, after last years addition of their Insane Asylum Experience, to their already popular Demon's Den Haunted House and Award Winning Depths of the Dark Forest Haunted Hayride.

Demon Acres also made recent mention of new Hats, Shirts, Hoodies available. Follow Demon Acres on Facebook here, or visit theirt website at

We'll continue updating with new info on this and other CNY attractions, so stay tuned. :)



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