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2016 Haunted Attraction Sneak-Peeks


As the 2016 Halloween season looms, our friends in the fright business as busy bees working to get things ready for the season's victims! Here's a few sneak-peeks we either gleaned from the web, or were shared with us.



"New for 2016 State Asylum audio experience created in total darkness each person gets strapped down in a wheel chair and let the fight begin. Over 10,000 invested into this all new never seen before attraction. Be sure to come check it out in October."



"Every year we reinvent the attractions to make them different. Archana Asylum is getting an extensive revamp as it was completed quickly last year to make the opening. Biowar, Biotech, Archana Asylum and Revelation have been re-dimensioned and the set pieces I used in 'Death House' are incorporated throughout the attractions."


Frightmare Farms


"The Professor’s Labyrinth- Presents The Blackwater Bayou. The Professor built the Labyrinth as a place to hide the unique creatures/objects he brings back from his travels across the world. It was designed and constructed as a complicated irregular network of passages to keep these “beings” protected from the world. This year the Professor visited the mystical bayous of the south. Hidden in the thick alligator infested swamps, and shrouded in a very dark magical place, rests a dormant, lost society that history has forgotten. While rumors fade into the darkness of the nearby brothels and saloons, the spirits of the Blackwater Bayou wait to be awakened. During Professor Whitaker’s recent travels, his curiosity turned to this once powerful village as he sought to acquire a tangible piece of its history. He added a simple dagger to his collection…A dagger which is said to have belonged to the priests and priestesses of the Blackwater Bayou. After sleeping silently all year in the Professor’s estate, the dagger has awoken, bringing with it a flood of what once was, and changing what would be. The twisting tunnels and taunting spirits seek to return their once immeasurable power. Can you escape with your soul? Can you preserve your sanity? Or will you become the next victim in the… BLACKWATER BAYOU"



"Just a little glimpse in to some of the new construction work going on at the Haunted Hayride!!.............Can't show too much, but new designs and sets going up for 2016!!! 100% committed and dedicated to our Hayride to give you, our Hell Hound fans, the best Hayride possible!!!!! We give you a quality ride, with well seasoned actors (10 yrs experience) garnering 2 awards for their efforts and at a great location!!!!"


Throop haunted Trail


"Do you fear clowns ? How about an entire field of clowns ? Does that scare you ? AWww to bad."


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