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Tim's Pumpkin Patch

2901 Rosehill Road, Marietta, NY 13110

Current dates, hours and rates should be confirmed by contacting this attraction or event.

CORN MAZE You'll have an A-Mazing time in the corn trying to find your way out! Price for the Maze: $x.00/person $xx/family under age 2 = Free

Animal Barn Visit, pet and feed our farm animals! The Animal Barn is our #1 farm attraction. This is because our barn is an old dairy barn, when you walk in, you will automatically feel the authenticity of our farm. Here you'll find ducks, chickens, peacocks, a miniature horse, baby sheep and goats, rabbits, kittens, piglets, calves and Porky our 1000lb. pig!

Tractor Wagon Rides Take a tractor wagon ride through the pumpkin patch! Nothing says Fall better than being with your family and friends on a wagon ride taking in the Fall scenery at Tim's Pumpkin Patch. Prices: $x.00 per rider - Under age 2: Free

Current dates, hours and rates should be confirmed by contacting this attraction or event.

The Hay Fort The Hay Fort is a Fall favorite at Tim's Pumpkin Patch. This is a large maze constructed of 700lb. straw bales. Fun for the entire family to get lost in and play a good ole fashioned game of hide-n-seek!

The Fossil Dig The Fossil Dig is a large pile of shale that comes from our farm quarry just up the road. Shale is a sedimentary rock made from very fine (small) particles that have been compacted and cemented together. Sedimentary rock forms underwater. These particles, which are bits of weathered rock from existing land forms, are eroded by rivers and streams into larger bodies of water (usually oceans). Today, most of New York State (excluding the Adirondack Mountains) is covered by a layer of sedimentary rock. Scientists from all over the world like to come to this region because of what is found in these rocks. They contain clues to what the Earth was like long before humans existed. Feel free to take the Fossils that you find home as a piece of our Earth's history!

The Grain Bin Barn Each year we fill the grain bin with a different grain that we grow at our farm, either corn, wheat or soybeans. It's like playing in a giant sandbox. The texture of the grain is such a different experience for kids, you'll find it's hard to get them out of it!

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